ENSOCIO Review Meeting In Stuttgart, 14-15 November 2013


The ENSOCIO team met in Stuttgart, Germany, to review the work completed by the team so far, in particular to review the database of European and Latin American projects related to Climate Change, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials put together under Work Package 2.

The process of evaluation of that database is currently taking place and we thank all the external expert evaluators, who have agreed to help us in this process, for their invaluable work.

This process will shortly come to an end and the ENSOCIO team will then establish a shortlist of the most relevant and important projects for which additional information will be collected and form the basis of the Knowledge platform that will consequently be published on the ENSOCIO website.

The team also discussed during the meeting in Stuttgart, the next stage in the shortlisting process, i.e. to identify the "top 10" projects for which we will be trying to establish close networking links. The team also discussed at this point, how this deeper relationship will be established and the type and depth of information that we will need to collect for this purpose.