ALCUE NET – Policy Dialogue Meeting on Renewable Energies


CONACYT will host the Policy EULAC Dialogue Meeting on Renewable Energies next 11th & 12th march, 2014 in Mexico City

The ALCUE NET - Latin America, Caribbean - European Union Policy Dialogue Meeting on Renewable Energies will take place in Mexico City on March 11th – 12th, 2014.  

The meeting will be focused on the Bi-regional dialogue on EU-LAC R&I cooperation related to energy research agendas. This policy dialogue involves key actors from governmental institutions as well as representatives from international organizations, universities and NGOs and experts from EU-LAC countries who will provide inputs regarding energy policies, programmes and instruments in order to: a) foster coordination of national programme priorities, joint initiatives development and good practices activities, b) advance in designing mechanisms and measures to stimulate synergy among the proposed activities. c) review inputs for the Senior Official Meeting in 2014.

Further information:  Moira Karosuo Argüelles