ALCUE NET – Renewable Energy Activities


The ALCUE NET Project is now acting as a concrete support mechanism for bi-regional S&T policy dialogue according to the recommendations of the Summit Process and SOM meetings

The activities carried out in support to the scientific policy bi-regional dialogue between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean for the renewable energies area have sought, among other objectives the generation of a thematic bi-regional dialogue both at a technical and a political level in support to the implementation of the JIRI´s Road Map. This action is focused on the renewable energies area, particularly in bio-energy, wind energy, solar –photovoltaic an thermal energy, and energy efficiency.

At the operational specific level ALCUE NET is contributing to support the S&T bi-regional dialogue throughout the organization of different activities including workshops and both technical and policy level meetings, elaboration of analysis, studies and preparation of specific reports in the EU-CELAC renewable energies area and: 

* ALCUE NET – CYTED Thematic Meeting on Renewable Energies, Biodiversity & Climate Change, Bioeconomy and ICT in CONACYT, Mexico on October 23, 2013.
* ALCUE NET European-Latin American Workshop on Renewable Energies-CONACYT, Mexico, October 24-25, 2013.
* ALCUE NET European-Latin American Renewable Energies Policy Dialogue Meeting- Mexico, March 11-12, 2014. 
* Support to the SOM Renewable Energies Working Group – Reporting of advances SOM 2013 in Brussels and SOM 2014 in Costa Rica.
* SOM Renewable Energies Working Group Meeting held in Mexico City on March 12, 2014. 
* Establishment of a dialogue with CYTED to explore synergies between CYTED and ALCUENET & ERANet-LAC projects.
* Elaboration of the “Energy thematic Report and Concept Paper” delivered to SOM in Costa Rica 2014 as well as the proposals for SOM Action Plan, including the Report on the “State of the Art in Science, Technology & Innovation related to Renewable Energy in LAC Countries”.
* Non-partners stakeholders have been invited to participate in the activities related to the energy area through the implementation of Travel Grants for representatives from those countries, particularly from Nicaragua, Italy, Bolivia, Cuba and Peru.

These activities established synergies between ALCUE NET and ERA Net-LAC projects and CYTED, in addition, several documents have been produced and presented to the Senior Official Meetings in Brussels 2013 and Costa Rica 2014 along with recommendations for further development and upcoming activities.

Bi-regional research areas of mutual interest have been identified in the field of Wind Energy; Bioenergy; Solar energy (photovoltaic and thermal) and; Energy efficiency. Also topics profiles for a EU-LAC joint call in renewable energies have been produced.

The formulation of recommendations, activities and narrowing down of areas to topic level has feed the ERANet-LAC project for the implementation of EU-CELAC joint activities.

All this process has taken into consideration the SET Plan which has been the centre-piece of the EU research and innovation policy in the field of energy since 2008.



Press release from the Mexican Agency for Development International Cooperation (AMEXCID):