Argentinean Innovation Workshop in LETs 2014


The Liaison Office Argentina-European Union in Science, Technology and Innovation (ABEST) will organize an Innovation Workshop in the framework of LETs 2014 in Bologna

ABEST III objective is to enhance Cooperation between Europe and Argentina  in Science, Technology and Innovation.  Its challenge is to increase the participation of innovation actors in EU-funded initiatives and to promote awareness of opportunities for Europeans to participate in Argentinean R&D&I programmes. Nanotechnologies, Biotechnology and ICT are amongst the specific priority sectors, as defined in the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation 2012-2015, that represent the focus of ABEST III project. The aim of the Innovation workshop is to raise awareness on Cooperation opportunities with European Innovation networks, taking stock of Innovation results and to create possible strategic partnerships between EU and Argentinean research and innovation results owners and stakeholders.

Focus: Innovation results of Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Advanced Manufacturing, Processing and Biotechnology projects