Bioeconomy Symposium 2015 in Puerto Madryn, Argentina


The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation organizes the most relevant bioeconomy meetings of Argentina. 2015 Meetings will be organized in different regions of the country with the assistance of important national and international experts in this field.

What is bioeconomy?

Bioeconomy includes all economy sectors using biological resources and processes for the sustainable production of goods and services.  It includes the primary production of biomass (agriculture, forestry animal production) and the different industries employing biological processes (food, biomaterials, chemicals, biotechnological and energy industries).

There will be dissertations, panels and debates on:

  • Bioeconomy regional context
  • Technological advances
  • Local reality
  • Sectorial promotion policies

The 2015 Regional Patagonian Meeting will be about:

  • Aquatic resources
  • Agricultural resources (fruits and seeds)
  • Microbial biotechnology
  • Forest resources

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