Collection of helpful links for NCPs

List of National Contact Points by the European Commission

  • The participant portal of the European Commission lists all officially nominated NCPs of EU member and associated countries as well as third countries.   


  • INCONTACT is the official Network of National Contact Points (NCP) for International Scientific Cooperation Activities (INCO) 
  • Incontact 2020 provides FAQs on international cooperation in Horizon 2020. 
  • Offers many useful links
  • Contact:

NCP Brussels

  • Brussels National Contact Point (NCP Brussels) is a regional initiative whose aim is to help companies, universities, research centres and other stakeholders of the Brussels Capital Region to access EU funding for Research and Innovation
  • NCP Brussels is trained and informed by the EC on upcoming topics and events, legal and financial matters. 
  • Offers many useful links:
  • Contact:

IPR helpdesk

  • The European IPR Helpdesk is the official IP service initiative of the European Commission providing free-of-charge, first-line advice and information on Intellectual Property (IP) and Intellectual Property Rights. The service is targeted at researchers and European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) participating in EU-funded collaborative research projects. In addition it addresses SMEs involved in international technology transfer processes.
  • Contact:
  • For specific questions regarding training:

Labs Explorer

  • It provides a freely accesible search engine for research labs associated to an expertise marketplace
  • More than 100.000 labs, from private and academic organisations across 80 countries, are already referenced 
  • Services:
    • Find R&D partners: Explore, compare and connect with more than 100.000 labs worldwide
    • Show your expertise: List your lab and access new collaboration opportunities
    • Sell your services: Reach a whole new range of buyers for your services, products and facilities
  • Contact: 

Net4Mobility (Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Actions)

  • Aims to achieve mutual support and raising the general standard of applicants as well as to better inform the research and innovation stakeholders on funding possibilities in the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) and help them to improve their performance.
  • Services
    • Trainings based on the needs of MSCA NCPs in particular with regards to the challenges of Horizon2020
    • Twinning' visits and Best Practice Meetings to tap into the already existing knowledge of MSCA NCPs
    • Communication platforms for the constant exchange and transfer of knowledge
  • Contact:

RICH 2020 (Research Infrastructures)

  • Facilitates transnational cooperation between NCPs, promotes the effective implementation of the RI programme, supports transnational and virtual access to RIs and highlights the opportunities offered by Research Infrastructures - at the European and international level.
  • Services
    • Guidance on choosing relevant H2020 topics
    • Advice on administrative/contractual issues
    • Training/assistance on proposal writing
    • Distribution of documentation, Assistance in partner search.
  • Contact:

ACCESS4SMES (Innovation in SMEs, Access to Risk Finance)

  • Aiming to empower the network of NCP for Small medium-sized enterprises under Horizon2020, by promoting a systemic service and providing knowledge for SMEs, industry and ARF communities.
  • Services
    • Benchmarking
    • Trainings
    • Meet and Exchange workshops
    • Annotated proposal templates
    • Web platforms
    • Proposal impact assessment
    • Mobilisation and mutual learning among SME and ARF communities
  • Contact:

Thematic NCP Networks 

BioHorizon (Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy)

  • The mission of BioHorizon is to facilitate transnational cooperation within the network of BIO NCPs with a view to identifing and sharing good practices in order to improve general standard of support to programme applicants taking into full consideration the diversity of stakeholders and actors involved in SC2 and KET Biotechnology.
  • Services:

Net4Society (Europe in a changing world: inclusive, innovative and reflective societies)


SEREN 3 (Secure societies)

  • SEREN3 activities focus on a stronger attention of the network in terms of multidisciplinary competences, consideration of related societal challenges, and linkage with other EU relevant initiatives, funding programmes and policies.
  • Services
    • capacity building of NCPs;
    • strengthening the participation of relevant stakeholders to Horizon 2020 funding opportunities;
    • supporting networking opportunities within the Secure Societies constituency.
  • Contact:

NCP WIDE.NET (Spreading excellence and widening participation)

  • Facilitate transnational co-operation between NCPs, with a view to identifying and sharing good practices and raising the general standards of support to program applicants.
  • Services
    • transfer of knowledge,
    • capacity building,
    • workshops and trainings addressed to NCP needs expressed during the self-evaluation exercise,
    • networking meetings,
    • trans-national collaborative events, as well as mentoring visits dedicated to less experienced NCPs
  • Contact:

SiS Net (Science with and for Society)

  • SiS Net is the international network of NCPs for Science with and for Society in Horizon 2020 focused on two main objectives a) increase dialogue and collaboration between Science with and for Society stakeholders, for example: CSO's, cities, research funding agencies, science centers, science museums, media organizations and education establishments and b) Enhance the visibility of the Science with and for Society programme.
  • Services
    • Provide information about the Science with and for Society (SwafS) programme.
    • Raise awareness of funding opportunities offered by the SwfS programme.
    • Inspire, stimulate and support participation in SwafS actions
    • Offer professional development and oportunities to exchange good practices to NCPs within to improve the quality of the service delivered in every country.
  • Contact.

Health NCP Net 2.0 (Health)

  • Health NCP Net 2.0 aimed at aligning and enhancing the services that NCPs for the Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing.
  • Services 
    • Set of support materials, tools and templates and best practices.
    • Comprehensive programme of on-site and virtual training courses.
    • Staff Exchanges
    • Mentoring with the European Commission
  • Contact:


C-energy 2020 (Secure, clean and efficient energy)

NMP TeAm (Nanotechnologies, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing and processing, biotechnology)

  • Offering consistent and improved NCP services across Europe, helping simplifying access to Horizon 2020 calls, lowering entry barriers for newcomers and raising the average quality of proposals submitted. Among others, the network creates mechanisms and tools for capacity building ensuring higher level of services to clients.
  • Services
    • Calendar
    • NMP Calls
    • Partener search
    • NMP Community
    • Downloads
  • Contact:

ETNA Plus (Smart, Green and Integrated Transport)

  • The overall objective of ETNA Plus is to foster innovation in trans-national cooperation in Transport with a focus on promoting the active participation of new actors and regions in EU research calls and projects.
  • Services:
    • Prepare NCP network for Horizon 2020;
    • Train NCPs with the tools developed, through specific training sessions, forums and specialised twinning;
    • Identify European and non-European transport innovation strategies, as well as the way they are implemented;
    • Identify funding opportunities to promote European trans-national transport research and innovation;
    • Compile all identified barriers of trans-national cooperation and recommend policy measures to remove barriers and encourage integration
  • Contact:


COSMOS 2020  (Space)

CaRE (Climate Change, Environment)


Ideal-Ist (ICT) 

  • International ICT network, with more than 65 ICT national partners from EU and Non-EU Countries, such as Associated States, Eastern European Partner Countries and Mediterranean Partner Countries and emerging countries like China, Brazil, India, and South Africa.
  • Services:
    • high expertise in proposal writing and project management : A network of over 65 National Contact Points (NCPs) in the ICT theme and organisations appointed by them are supporting proposers.
    • long-standing experience in EU Framework programmes (Ideal-ist was established 1996)
    • a unique quality labelled partner search tool to connect newcomers and experienced researchers
    • an international Quality team to support proposer e.g. to better focus proposals
    • Ideal-ist information services : Newsletter, press releases, Work Programm information
    • Brokerage events to pre-schedule meetings at big events
  • Ideal-ist supports SMEs, Academia, Non-profit Organisations, larger Companies and public Administration, Newcomers, Research Organisations and consultancies in:
    • interpreting the ICT work programme of Horizon 2020
    • submitting project ideas in line with the Challenges & Objectives of Horizon 2020
    • finding the right partners for their project
    • joining as partners to other proposals
    • joining on-going projects via competitive calls launched by project coordinators
  • Contact:

NCP Academy

  • The NCP Academy aims to create and implement a new and integrated training of Horizon 2020 NCPs. It addresses quality standards and good practice as well as routes to feedback and communication for this community.
  • Contact: