Information & Communication Technologies

The specific objectives within this thematic area are to a) support the development of the ICT theme and the inclusion of the EU-CELAC research community in ICT in the JIRI process b) foster joint collaboration between European and CELAC ICT technology platforms c) facilitate and promote contacts of European researchers with partners in CELAC countries d) promote EU-CELAC ICT priorities in national political agendas.

Main achievements

  • Mapping of current and past bilateral and bi-regional ICT projects in the areas of e-Inclusion, e-Health, Smart Cities and Living Labs
  • 4 Reports on the ICT area in the bi-regional STI cooperation addressing societal challenges
    • includes the recommendations for SOM deliberations, a description of strategic approaches on ICT for the implementation plan of activities in support of the JIRI, a description of the main activities carried out on the ICT theme and the description of the priority research topics identified for ERANet-LAC Joint Calls implementation and H2020.
  • 8 bi regional Workshops focused on ICT were organized in Vilnius, Santiago de Chile, Guadalajara, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Bratislava, San Jose de Costa Rica.
  • Mapping of EU-CELAC ICT ICT Cooperation Projects
  • Study of Deployment of eHealth in LAC. Contribution for closing the gap in primary health care.
  • Topics identified as essential for both regions in: e-Inclusion, e-Health, Smart Cities, and Living Labs, addressing challenges in the areas of social cohesion, inclusiveness, sustainability and innovation for the benefit of the populations both in Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe.
  • Topic “sustainable urbanization” has been included in the ICT WG focus, as it has been implemented in EU H2020 strategy and manifestation of interest for EU-CELAC cooperation in the field.
  • Definition of mechanisms to include the Caribbean ICT sector into ICT LATPs.

ALCUE NET - Thematic workshop on ICT in Chile

ICT 2013 - Create, Connect, Grow, in Vilnius on 6-8 November, 2013

ALCUE NET and CONECTA 2020 ICT Technology Platforms Workshop: Connecting European and Latin American Technology Platforms