The specific objectives within this thematic area are to a) assess to the last information about Bioeconomy in EU and CELAC regions b) strength the internal network in Bioeconomy c) identify opportunities and monitoring progress regarding Bioeconomy Topics d) optimize synergies and complementarities between CELAC and EU Bioeconomy initiatives e) analyze follow-up needs and opportunities and disseminate experiences/lessons learnt between both regions f) be aware of and improve the ALCUE NET activities related to the Bioeconomy SOM Working Group

Main achievements

  • Synergies with related initiatives such as EUCARINET, ENLACE, ABEST III, and ALCUE KBBE projects were established (Jointly workshops were organized).
  • Database of key actors and stakeholders: to identify bioeconomy key actors and stakeholders from civil society, academia, transfer agencies, producer/processor/consumer associations, financial institutions, government agencies etc. in both regions.
  • 4 Reports on the Bioeconomy area in the bi-regional STI cooperation addressing societal challenges
    • includes the recommendations for SOM deliberations, a description of strategic approaches on Bioeconomy for the implementation plan of activities in support of the JIRI, a description of the main activities carried out on the Bioeconomy theme and the description of the priority research topics identified for ERANet-LAC Joint Calls implementation and H2020.
  • Proposal of a strategic plan for the establishment of a pilot bioeconomy regional policy program.
  • Creation of a Latin-American Bioeconomy Network on LinkedIn.
  • Analysis of “business case studies” of Bioeconomy in Peru, Mexico. Colombia and Brazil.
  • Analysis of LAC sustainable food supply and distribution systems for urban areas.
  • Study on Characterization and quantification of the bioeconomy sector in Latin America.
  • Elaboration of a poster “Latin America and Caribbean Bioeconomy: Global and Regional roles to play” and presented during the 11th International Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries held in York.
  • Creation and production of a Second book compiling the bioeconomy case studies analysed.
  • Identification of priority research topics for Joint Calls implementation among the four scientific areas, pillar of the bioeconomy scientific CELAC-EU collaboration: Biotechnology, Eco-Intensification, Biodiversity and Biorefinary & Products
  • Formulation of a policy note highlighting Caribbean interest in H2020 participation
  • Formulation of a proposal for Awareness Raising and Capacity Development to provide raising awareness initiatives about the bioeconomy potential for the region and capacity development for the development of the bioeconomy in the region, including human resources development and on line courses and training.
  • 7 bi regional Workshops focused on Bioeconomy were organized in Buenos Aires, San Jose de Costa Rica, York, Santiago de Chile, Cali, Bogotá.

ALCUE NET Symposium on the Bioeconomy in Tropical America

ALCUE NET Joint events on Bioecnomy

ALCUE NET The EULAC Bioeconomy Working Group of the Senior Official Meeting

ALCUE NET Matchmaking Event on Bioeconomy b2b 11th International Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries

International Conference: Latin America and the Caribbean Bioeconomy 2015