Project Structure (Work Packages)

The implementation process is organized in eight work packages (WP) following the strategic principles of ALCUE NET.

WP1 (Policy Dialogue on Research and Innovation) will provide support to the SOM process and the JIRI implementation activities in the selected priority themes by contributing to the building-up of the bi-regional knowledge and innovation area.

Concrete research and innovation activities leading up to JIRI implementation are the core of the WP2 (Energy), WP3 (ICT), WP4 (Bioeconomy) and WP5 (Biodiversity). It is expected that these 4 WPs will eventually evolve into full biregional cooperation platforms involving all relevant stakeholders and undertaking support activities ranging from foresight to agenda setting and actual joint instrument implementation in each of the themes.

WP6 (Capacity strenghtening and networking) concentrates on providing support for the extension of the already existing NCP network in LAC, building up on the capacities of the four EC liaison offices (AR, BR, CL, MX). WP7 (Information management, monitoring, evaluation and quality control) concentrates all information management and diffusion activities, including monitoring & evaluation of results. It relies strongly on the inputs from the four JIRI WPs. As such activities in this Working Package go across all other WPs (similar as WP8). The already existing INCO-NET (EULARINET) Internet platform will be value added as much as possible.

WP8 (Coordination and Management) is designed to manage the project’s resources, coordinate partners, committees and platforms, monitor progress and outputs and acts legally, administratively and financially, with the Commission, on behalf of the Consortium.

The below graph shows

  • the flow of activities and information among the WPs, leading to the achievement of the stated objectives,
  • how the different WPs interact (interdependency). The key effort is located in WP2-WP5, which serve the dual purpose of advancing the JIRI implementation and generating feedback to the SOM (through WP1). WP6 and WP7 are support and scaling-up activities.