Latin America, Caribbean and European Union Network on Research and Innovation


The ALCUE NET objective is to establish a bi-regional European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean (EU-CELAC) platform bringing together actors involved in Research and Innovation orientation, funding and implementation, as well as other relevant stakeholders from the public and private sector and the civil society, in an effort to support the international Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) dimension of the Europe 2020 Strategy and Innovation Union Flagship Initiative.

ALCUE NET was conceived, according to Brussels EU-CELAC Summit Declaration in 2015, as a useful operational instrument and follow-up of decisions for the implementation and scaling-up of the long standing EU-CELAC dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation and the Joint Initiative implementation during 2013-2017, reflecting the suggestions and recommendations of the Senior Official Meetings, focusing on the following priorities : i) Energy; ii) Information and Communications Technology; iii) Bioeconomy; iv) Biodiversity and Climate change.

Since the beginning of the project, the ALCUE NET bi-regional consortium has been working to increase the coordination and cooperation between the European Union and the Latin America and the Caribbean countries, by encouraging and facilitating the participation of the R&I community from both regions, and by helping to overcome potential barriers and national/regional limitations for the success of such collaboration.

ALCUE NET Consortium

Specific objectives

  • Monitoring progress in the bi-regional STI cooperation;
  • Achieve progress towards joint improvement of key aspects of societal challenges related to the 4 areas addressed by the JIRI Working Groups;
  • Definition and preparation of joint activities, including appropriate funding modalities;
  • Strengthen complementarities between Horizon 2020 activities with other EU policies and programs;
  • Design and implement initiatives that contribute to bridging the gap between public and private actors;
  • Support the development of the bi-regional Policy Dialogue within the EU-CELAC process and the SOM, providing up to date analytical evidence, monitoring and analyzing the progress and results of the cooperation, supporting the implementation of the dialogue recommendations;
  • Examine and make progress on the implementation of the “EU-CELAC Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation;
  • Organise and support the participation of research and innovation actors from both region, beyond project partner countries, in project and other networking events through travel grants scheme mechanism;
  • Support the training and extension of the network of National Contact Points (NCP) in the CELAC region;
  • Encourage activities with other bi-regional initiatives and projects for sharing knowledge and good practices.

Project Information

ALCUE NET is a FP7 Coordination Action co-funded by the European Commission within the International Cooperation action of the Capacities Programme. The Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation from Argentina is the coordinator of a consortium of 19 institutions, 11 from Latin America and the Caribbean and 8 from Europe.

  • Starting date: 01/12/2012 
  • End date: 30/11/2017
  • Duration: 60 months
  • Total Costs: 4.290.000 Euros
  • EU Contribution: 3.750.000 Euros

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