EU-CELAC Policy Dialogue

The EU-CELAC S&T Policy Dialogue

The Bi-Regional Policy Dialogue Process in Science and Technology completed its first decade in 2009. During that time, it has advanced on the goal of the strategic partnership through policy dialogue in regular summits of Head of States from the European Union and Latin America and the Carribean. From January 2013, the summit process is known as European Union- Community of Latin America and the Caribbean (EU-CELAC).

Building on existing cooperation between the European Union and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, a EU-CELAC Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation (JIRI) was adopted by the VI Madrid Summit in 2010, aimed to deliver greater benefits from scientific cooperation between the two regions. The Senior Officials Meetings (SOM) with EU-CELAC representatives was established as a regular bi-regional dialogue on Research & Innovation (R&I) to consolidate EU-CELAC cooperation to implement the JIRI by updating common priorities, encouraging mutual policy learning and ensuring the proper implementation and effectiveness of cooperation instruments through biannual Action Plans. Four Working Groups in the following priority areas were established: Energy, Information and Communications Technology, Bioeconomy and Biodiversity & Climate Change.

V EU-CELAC ‘Senior Officials’ Meeting on Science and Technology. Brussels, March 14th, 2016