The specific objectives within this thematic area envisage a) the identification of potential areas and common priorities for cooperation and networking of key actors and stakeholders, b) support to Policy Dialogue and c) monitoring of the development and impact of the joint activities.

Main achievements

  • Report on the State of the Art in Science, Technology & Innovation related to Renewable Energy in LAC Countries
    • Collecting, processing and centralization of key information on the current status of energy research focused on the renewable energies in LAC and Europe
    • Analysis of country potential and strategic analysis for STI cooperation in the energy field.
  • 4 Reports on the Energy area in the bi-regional STI cooperation addressing societal challenges
    • includes the recommendations for SOM deliberations, a description of strategic approaches towards energy efficiency proposed for the implementation plan of activities in support of the JIRI, a description of the main activities carried out on the Energy theme and the description of the priority research topics identified for ERANet-LAC Joint Calls implementation and H2020.
  • ALCUE NET Position on Energy Efficiency -Non paper where two approaches towards energy efficiency, based on the integrated roadmap and the energy efficiency policy of the EU, are proposed for the implementation plan of the ALCUE NET activities.
  • Elaboration of call topics description on renewable energies for funding options.
    • priorities of common interest have been identified areas such as bioenergy, wind energy, solar energy and energy efficiency.
  • 7 bi regional Workshops focused on Renewable Energies were organized in Mexico City, Sevilla, Salta, Brussels, Gran Canaria.
  • Joint biregional Pilot Call on Ocean Energy and Research Infrastructures
  • Itinerant technical courses coordinated by leading Research Centers on geothermal energy.
  • Report on existing initiatives for supporting R&I and capacity building actions on renewable energy
  • Inventory of Energy National Research Infrastructures

ALCUE NET – Latin American, Caribbean and European Union Thematic Workshop on Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency in Mexico

ALCUE NET- Policy Dialogue Meeting on Renewable Energies

ALCUE NET Energy Workshop & CSP Today Seville 2014 Conference

ALCUE NET Geothermal Energy Workshop