General objective

To support the development of bi-regional cooperation in biodiversity and climate change through providing relevant information and identification of conditions and instruments for coordination mechanisms and joint activities These may include, R&D efforts, policy coordination, capacity building, good practices relating to innovation and market development, human resources and other relevant aspects to be identified.

ALCUE NET – Thematic Workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Change

ALCUE NET meeting on Biodiversity and Climate Change in Marseille

COP20 (Conference of the Parties) & 5th Annual Sustainable Innovation Forum 2014 + ALCUE NET side event: Biodiversity and Climate Change working group

Environment Seminar: Exchanging Bi-regional Experiences on Climate Services to Identify Joint Activities in Buenos Aires

BIODIVERSITY- ALCUE NET LAC Biodiversity and Climate Change workshop/CORDEX LAC III workshop

Thematic projects

ENSOCIO-LAC projectStrategic, Sustainable R&I Cooperation with Latin America (Climate Action, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials)

The ENSOCIO-LA project is a Coordination & Support Action funded under ENV.2013.6.5-4 Knowledge platforms, networking and uptake of research results for more strategic international R&I cooperation.

As a Coordination Action, the ENSOCIO-LA project aims at establishing sustainable and integrated research and innovation cooperation between the EU and Latin American Countries in the environmental field, namely in climate change, resource efficiency and raw materials; ENSOCIO-LA will also help improve dissemination and the exploitation of research results in this area by different user groups. This will be achieved through networking and twinning of existing multilateral and bilateral projects funded by different sources, through the development of efficient interaction schemes between science, industry and users and the joint elaboration of future research priorities and joint activities. ENSOCIO-LA will provide a network of networks.

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