Training "Opportunities for funding and participation in HORIZONTE 2020" - 1st November, Havana Cuba.


Organized by CITMA (Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba) and the Delegation of the European Union a training course for Cuban researchers to promote research funding tools offered by Europe has been carried out.

The workshop was led by Ms. Ana Guallarte and Carlos Pérez of the European Union Delegation in Cuba, Mrs. Esther Cruells of CITMA, Dr. Alejandro Zurita Counsellor of the European Delegation in Brazil and Mr. Ignacio Ibañez representing the Coordination of the ALCUE NET project and was attended by more than 80 representatives of Cuban universities and research centres.

 The main objectives of the workshop were: To contribute to strengthening the institutional capacities of organizations, researchers, and companies in international cooperation under the Horizon 2020 Program; Sharing good practices of projects with Cuban participation in European programs; and Encouraging the appointment  of National Contact Points.

The event began with the opening remarks  from Mrss Gullarte and Cruells, and later Mr Carlos Pérez presented the ERASMUS Mundus Program, the European Commission's Program of excellence for cooperation and international student mobility. Dr. Alejandro Zurita then presented the Horizon 2020 Program as a tool for supporting scientific development and confirming the signing of the cooperation agreement and political dialogue between the European Union and the Republic of Cuba.

Most part of  the Training was conducted by Ignacio Ibañez, representative of the coordination of the ALCUE NET project and of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina, who explained in detail the process of participation in the Horizon 2020 Program.  Special  emphasis was placed on how to identify calls, find partners and develop proposals both from a technical and financial point of view.

Finally, it is always useful to show a case  of national success , this time it was in charge of Dr. Maria Guadalupe Guzman of the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kouri, who discussed with  the audience his participation in a recent international consortium to investigate the ZIKA Virus disease.

 In the afternoon, the ALCUE NET project was presented again at the "I International Conference on Inclusive Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development" within the panel of international experiences in science management. It described the main achievements of the project, especially its dissemination to almost all countries in the region, requesting  the nomination of National Contact Points, the implementation of European Project Offices and the dissemination of existing opportunities of cooperation.

 As a closing remark of the presentation, the robustness  established in the inter-institutional relations of both regions and the creation of an environment conducive to the continuity of bioregional cooperation in science and technology beyond the project was highlighted.