Save the Date - ALCUE NET Expert workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Change


Brussels, 28 February 2017 - The workshop seeks to bring together key experts from the communities of biodiversity and climate from both regions to identify strengths and weaknesses of the EU-LAC collaboration, as well as proposing future avenues to improve bi-regional cooperation.

The workshop also aims at illustrating to DG Research and DG DEVCO the concrete and relevant impacts of bi-regional projects on biodiversity and climate change in order to incentivize for further programmes and financing that would fill the remaining knowledge gaps. Besides, it seeks to broaden the outreach of this bi-regional cooperation to other international actors and link it with the international agenda.

Proposed attendees: Experts on biodiversity at the international level, those involved in ALCUE NET and climate change in Latin America, Caribbean and European countries, as well as officials from the European Commission.