NMP-DeLA Nano for Health: Expert Workshop and Summer School, Argentina


The EC funded NMP-DeLA project is hosting two key events addressing nano for health issues from 19th-23rd May, at Fundación Pablo Cassará, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The NMP-DeLA Expert Workshop: 19th-20th May

The Expert Workshop aims to provide support to researchers, scientists and organizations to facilitate their engagement with business and industrial partners, and policy makers. It will support the development of a long-term sustainable platform through which collaborative relationships can be formed, leading to an increase in the deployment of technologies that address the targeted societal challenges.

The NMP-DeLA Summer School: 20th-23rd May

The NMP-DeLA Summer School will take place from 20th-23rd May and will specifically focus on Nano for Health and Nanomedicine, providing a unique opportunity to gain and share insight into the latest developments in nanotechnology, nanosciences and new production technologies in these critical fields.

For more information please see the NMP-DeLA website