"Symposium on the Bioeconomy in Tropical America" & "EULAC SOM Bioeconomy Working Group Meeting"


The events were organized together with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation (Argentina) and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (Costa Rica), in the framework of ALCUE NET project Activities. 9 & 10 october, San José, Costa Rica

The main goal was to contribute to the Bi- Regional EULAC Policy Dialogue on Research and Innovation and increase the Social Changes through the participation of national experts in the Bioeconomy thematic for developing and strengthening networking capacities.

The meeting brought together selected partners countries’ stakeholders as well as other invited experts from non-partners countries in order to:    

  • Assess  to the Bioecnomy SOM Working Group progress
  • Identify opportunities and monitor progress made by the Bioeconomy SOM WG
  • Optimize synergies, complementarities, analyse follow-up needs and opportunities and disseminate experiences and lessons learnt
  • Be aware of and improve the ALCUE NET activities related to the Bioeconomy SOM Working Group
  • Prepare the report for the next Senior Officials Meeting to be held in Costa Rica, April, 2014