ALCUE NET / CORDEX Third Workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Change


The Workshop was held 21 to 23 September in Bogotá - Colombia and was organized by the MINCYT, the IDR and COLCIENCIAS in the framework of ALCUE NET activities

The third Workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Change was held on the 21st, 22nd and 23th of September 2015 in Bogotá - Colombia. The event was organized by the MINCYT, the IDR and COLCIENCIAS. It´s first objective was to take advantage of the first two CORDEX-LAC workshops and the ALCUE NET Thematic Workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Change to organize a joint ALCUE NET / CORDEX workshop on biodiversity and climate change. A second objective was to bring together key people from the communities of biodiversity and climate downscaling to identify user knowledge needs as well as on-going climate modelling activities within the CORDEX framework within the region.

The event was opened with the welcome words of the Director of Development Research of COLCIENCIAS, Oscar Gualdrón, to the present participants but also to the streaming viewers on the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean.  In all the sessions on the three days of conference, there were presentations of both communities regarding the importance of develop a capacity, building effort to evaluate regional climate downscaled model projections, and improve the targeted downscaled information for impact assessment analysis. Furthermore, the workshop had a training activity called “Imagining a perfect world" lead by Chris Lennard where the two communities worked in groups and define gaps, obstacles and tools to achieve a more interdisciplinary research and better-downscaled data.

Finally, the last day important points were discussed because it was carried out a discussion regarding the recommendations to the C&T Policy Dialogue on Biodiversity and Climate Change in the framework of the upcoming Senior Official Meeting, which will take place from 24 to 27 November 2015 in Brussels.

More infromation regarding agenda and presentations: