ALCUE NET - H2020 NCP Capacity building workshop


The objectives of the NCP annual meetings are to: a) inform & update all participants about the opportunities for third countries in Horizon 2020 b) increase the awareness by training NCPs; and c) strengthen capacities of the existing CELAC NCP network by expanding to the Caribbean countries

To increase the collaboration between researchers from CELAC and EU, ALCUE NET has a set of measures to support the development of skills and the creation of networks. One of the events objectives are to: develop and strengthen existing capacities of CELAC National Contact Points (NCP), and expand the NCP network in the region. To achieve these objectives, there are several regional workshops foreseen along the project, which have the participation of both: LAC beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries of ALCUE NET project. The project ALCUE NET will support the participation of one NCP from a non-beneficiary CELAC country to broaden the LAC participation.

For further information please contact Luciana Ayciriex