ALCUE NET opens eyes on LAC potentials


based on an interview with Miimu Miimu Airaksinen, Research Professor at VTT (Finland) and ALCUE NET Expert Panel member for Energy

Miimu Airaksinen said that her participation in the ALCUE NET project opened her eyes in the sense that she now sees how much potential there already is in Latin America in the area of smart cities and smart energies. She mentioned a system for smart integration in Brazil as an example for good practice where the fulfillment of the criteria of the smart grit was integrated from the beginning on. In the European case, on the other hand, old networks were renewed and smartness added subsequently on top of the old infrastructures which is more disadvantageous.

Basically Europeans tend to think that Latin America is lagging behind in smart solution, but a project like ALCUE NET demonstrates that actually they do have smart and nice applications in their cities, as well as in the energy sector.

Miimu Airaksinen sees potential for cooperation with Latin America for Finland and thinks that especially the ALCUE NET network provides a really nice platform to know possible and future cooperation partners. Also, the joint calls are an excellent way to start cooperation - even though not in all areas - and this is an example of something which is already happening.

For the future Miimu Airaksinen would like to see that, based on the existing research cooperation, also industry cooperation and close to market projects (e.g. some pilot areas or pilot cases in smart cities in LAC) will materialize. ALCUE NET sets good possibilities for that.