Peru on the uprise in scientific cooperation


Although Peru is no official partner in the ALCUE NET project, the country has shown high interest in diverse ALCUE NET actions and is making serious efforts to position itself stronger in EU-CELAC scientific cooperation and shows potential to play a greater role in this arena the future.

Lourdes Cecilia Tapia Nunez works as Coordinator for Technological Development in the Peruvian Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation (CONCYTEC). The actions implemented by the ALCUE NET project go hand in hand with the efforts which CONCYTEC is currently undertaking to get more stakeholders interested in the participation in research projects under Horizon 2020 . To prepare Peruvian researchers, higher education institutions and other interested groups for the application to European research calls it is necessary to familiarize them with the structure and thematic scope of the European framework for scientific cooperation. CONCYTEC is undertaking efforts in this direction, with the support of the ALCUE NET project.

The whole process basically started, according to Ms. Nunez, in the end of 2014 with 15 proposals with Peruvian involvement seeking funding under Horizion2020, of which 3 got selected for funding. In the aftermath of these results, there were several workshops and round tables organised by the CONCYTEC that focused on knowledge dissemination, especially concerning the topics of Bioeconomy and Biotechnology. As a direct result of these events, the number of proposals with involvement of Peruvian institutions climbed up to the respectable number of 59 of which7 got funded by the end of 2015. This indicates that the networking activities facilitated by the ALCUE NET project had a positive effect in finding European partners for a higher number of Peruvian institutions.

The initiation of new cooperation ties in an international environment is hardest, because the very competitive nature of the calls for proposal make it necessary to evaluate carefully the most appropriate areas where involvement, in this case of Peru, makes sense. . The ALCUENETproject offered great support to identify areas of potential cooperation for Peru and research synergies with European and LAC partners. As Ms. Nunez states, internationalization of Peruvian research institutions is of utmost concern to CONCYTEC and the ALCUE NET project offers a great possibility to get involved in such an international environment.