ALCUE NET has achieved a great deal for NCP systems in LAC


Based on an interview with Claudia Romano, Direction of International Relations and Projects, Ministry for Education and Culture Uruguay (MEC)

ALCUE NET has contributed significantly to further developing the system of Latin American and Caribbean National Contact Points (NCPs). National NCP systems in LAC were at very different stages when ALCUE NET started. In countries where no NCP system existed, like El Salvador or Bolivia, ALCUE NET supported the initiation, design and construction of such systems or the appointment of first national NCPs. In other cases, like...

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Peru on the uprise in scientific cooperation


Although Peru is no official partner in the ALCUE NET project, the country has shown high interest in diverse ALCUE NET actions and is making serious efforts to position itself stronger in EU-CELAC scientific cooperation and shows potential to play a greater role in this arena the future.

Lourdes Cecilia Tapia Nunez works as Coordinator for Technological Development in the Peruvian Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation (CONCYTEC). The actions implemented by the ALCUE NET project go hand in hand with the efforts which CONCYTEC is currently undertaking to...

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Connecting academic and commercial sectors for cooperation in bioeconomy


Elizabeth Hodson of the Universidad Javeriana credits ALCUE NET with contributing to make bioeconomy a trend research area in Colombia by enabling exchange between different stakeholder groups who have complementary knowledge which can be used for cooperation projects. Elisabeth Hodson is very active in the process of building up those networks, especially between the academic and the commercial sector.

Various ALCUE NET workshops, round tables and meetings connected representatives from different stakeholder groups such as researchers, entrepreneurs or political decision make...

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Bolivia's success in catching-up


based on an interview with Mauricio Céspedes, Bolivian INCO-NCP

Bolivia is a country with a relative young history in cooperating in the European Framework Programmes for Research. It’s Vice-Ministry for Science and Technology was only found in 2007 and only then did the country start building a national NCP system. However, since then these efforts have been quite ambitious and Bolivia has achieved considerable improvement in their cooperation records. Starting with 4 projects with Bolivian participation in FP7, Bolivia reached to have 11 projects and ...

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