ALCUE NET opens eyes on LAC potentials


based on an interview with Miimu Miimu Airaksinen, Research Professor at VTT (Finland) and ALCUE NET Expert Panel member for Energy

Miimu Airaksinen said that her participation in the ALCUE NET project opened her eyes in the sense that she now sees how much potential there already is in Latin America in the area of smart cities and smart energies. She mentioned a system for smart integration in Brazil as an example for good practice where the fulfillment of the criteria of the smart grit was integrated from the beginning on. In the European case, on the other hand, ...

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ICT is well positioned in the EU-CELAC Policy Dialogue


basen on an Interview with Yolanda Ursa, Grupo Inmark & representative of the Leadership project (FP7)

Yolanda Ursa is cooperating with Latin American partners in EU funded projects for many years and is convinced that EU-CELAC cooperation stands on a good foundation and has always worked well. The Leadership project is in continuous exchange with ALCUE NET and involves and promotes ALCUE NET whenever possible. At the same time is ALCUE NET a very valuable partner for the Leadership project, especially due to its close relation with the Senior Official Meeting (...

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Joining forces between FP7 projects is strengthening EU-CELAC cooperation


based on an interview with Dr. Rafael Andres Medina, Instituto de Salud Carlos III & EU-LAC Health Coordinator

Rafael Medina, coordinator of the project EU-LAC Health, stressed the good relationship that was already achieved between EU-LAC Health and ALCUE NET. Medina thinks that it is important to align activities with ALCUE NET in order to avoid unnecessary redundancies and duplications of efforts. Medina thinks that projects like ALCUE NET or EU-LAC health are important in order to support the activities and tasks of the SOM working groups. Even more, EU-LAC ...

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The Caribbean is gaining visibility in the Policy Dialogue


based in an interview with Cardinal Warde (Interim Director) and Lois Oliver, Caribbean Science Foundation

The Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF) exists for only 4 years and is therefore a pretty new partner in EC projects. Since the start of ALCUE NET the CSF, as a project partner, had a very steep learning curve according to Cardinal Warde, Interim Executive Director of CSF, and Lois Oliver, Assistant Director at CSF. The CSF did a lot of listening and a lot of learning to get familiar with “EU speak” and with EC rules and project proc...

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FINCEAL enhances impact of ALCUE NET in Finland


Strategically, Finland has decided to increase researcher's cooperation with the Latin America and Caribbe and Africa. An important project/funding instrument has been established specifically to enhance Finnish participation in projects with these regions. FinCEAL (Developing Finnish Science, technology and Innovation Cooperation between Europe, Africa and the LAC Region) is an initiative by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture with the purpose of enhancing cooperation between the research and science policy communities in Finland, Europe and Africa and the LAC region. The Ministr...

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