ALCUE NET events enable actions in Bolivia


based on an interview with Lucio Alejo Espinoza, Ph.D., Director of the Centre for Agroindustrial Technology (UMSS) and Bolivian NCP for Renewable Energy

Mr. Lucio Alejo participated as Bolivian expert in 2 Energy related ALCUE NET events in Mexico and Argentina. For him, the participation in the events was highly valuable as it enabled concrete new partnerships and new joint research actions in the energy field. Thanks to the workshop on Geothermal Energy in Salta (AR) Mr. Lucio Alejo made first contacts with European researchers and got especially interested in future cooperation projects with Iceland in order to assess and promote the use of Geothermal Energy within e.g. the production chain of Lithium in Bolivia. By replicating experiences of Iceland Bolivia could explore new production processes and develop internationally demanded products on basis of its rich natural resources.

Recently Mr. Lucio Alejo was assigned as coordinator of the Bolivian Postgraduate Programme on Energy and Hydrocarbon (Bolivia is currently establishing Postgraduate Programmes for different strategic sectors with funds of the World Bank and with an integrated international mobility scheme.). The Postgraduate Programme shall serve as a good means to explore exiting new research topics (e.g. the importance of lithium carbonate for the area of informatics) together with the PhD students. Mr. Alejo, who is very active in scientific cooperation with Europe, is using information provided e.g. in the ALCUE NET events to connect topics of the Postgraduate Programme in Energy with priority topics identified in the bi-regional cooperation.

With his new duties assigned, Mr. Alejo aims at presenting a joint project proposal with his newly established European partners in the H2020 Programme.