It is tremendously important that ALCUE NET is committed to strengthening the link between biodiversity and climate change


based on an interview with Carlos Ereño, Department of Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences, University of Buenos Aires

Carlos Ereño is convinced that ALCUE NET has already made essential contributions to bringing the bi-regional cooperation in biodiversity and climate change (WP5) forward.

In a first step, ALCUE NET thematic workshops have achieved to establish a link between scientists who work in climate change and those working in biodiversity. A link that is historically weak, but very fundamental. In biodiversity a lot of climate scenario building is done, but the majority of users of climate information are not perfectly aware of the limitations and the advantages of this tool. So, according to Mr. Ereño, it’s tremendously important that ALCUE NET is committed to strengthening this link.

As a second big achievement Carlos Ereño sees the successful efforts which ALCUE NET makes to build synergies with other projects and platforms in the region in order to avoid overlapping of activities. There is e.g. active exchange between WP5 and the Interamerican Institute for Global Climate Change Research (IAI) and it is foreseen that in 2016 ALCUE NET, and the IAI will organize a joint event. At the same time ALCUE NET is present at relevant international events, such as the UN Climate Change Conference where it was perceived as a very active project which brings benefits not only to the scientific community, but also to the users.

A close cooperation has evolved between ALCUE NET and CORDEX (Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment). This cooperation is likely to result in the implementation of a pilot study which would entail the realization of an experiment for the elaboration of a unique high resolution climate scenario in Latin America. For Mr. Ereño, promoting this unprecedentedactivity is a real challenge and a personal achievement.

But most importantly ALCUE NET has achieved to establish a dialogue between Latin American and European counterparts. One of the next steps in WP5 will be to discuss and articulate the possibility of setting up an observatory for biodiversity and climate change in Latin America with reference to European good practice models. Much can be done on the basis of rich knowledge exchange between experts from both regions.

It might appear that ALCUE NET has not demonstrated much impact yet, but much has happened in the sense that the project has been sowing the seeds so that cooperation will grow and flourish in the upcoming years.