Developing a common understanding for local effects of Climate Change


Based on an interview with Rasmus Benestad, Norwegian Met Service

Rasmus Benestad was invited to the ALCUE NET / CORDEX Workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Change in Bogotá in September 2015.

The event provided him with the opportunity to get connected with a new community, after all Mr. Benestad had not been active in cooperation with Latin America before.

For him, not only did the event connect researchers from two world regions, but also from different research communities: Biologists, Sociologists and Climate Researchers normally have different type of languages, “but after the event in Bogotá I think we understood each other a little bit more”. Workshops like these are an important step towards better cross-disciplinary cooperation, because they clear up misunderstandings and biased assumptions.

Mr. Benestad is now considering visiting Chile to re-meet with a Chilean researcher who he met in Bogotá. He sees scope of application for methods which the Norwegian Met Service has developed for climate change downscaling. These methods are also used in North America and India and Mr. Benestad finds it great to see that the work of Met is also appreciated in Latin America. He hopes that the currently small Latin American community dedicated to physical sciences in terms of climate change is growing and by doing so will further give impulse for science for society in Latin America.

Mr. Benestad hopes for a continuation of the cooperation which started in Bogotá, because successful cooperation requires continuity. In the best case cross-regional scientific visits will be arranged as a way of learning and exchanging research methods for the benefit of regions and societies.