ALCUE NET drives media coverage on Bioeconomy in Central America


Informed by Ricardo Esmahán, columnist for the online newspaper El Diario de Hoy and Ex-Minister for Economy from el Salvador

Ricardo Esmahán from el Salvador is a faithful believer that Bioeconomy is the only alternative to achieve decarbonization of economies. He set himself an ambitious goal to incorporate Bioeconomy as a new concept in public policy in the region of Central America as there is yet little knowledge on Bioeconomy in the region.

Anyway, the Paris Agreement from December 2015 will increase the relevance of Bioeconomy on the continent and it is a chance for Central America to catch-up on the topic.

Even though El Salvador is not a ALCUE NET partner country, Ricardo Esmahán assured that the ALCUE NET project has been an important reference for his work as a columnist for the online newspaper El Diario de Hoy and for a deeper personal examination of the topic.

Ricardo Esmahán has published a series of articles on the relevance of Bioeconomy for Central America, which are all available online under